Website Development

We will develop a customized professional website for your landscaping business, tailoring it to all of your specifications. Want a simple website just to start out? How about a complex website, with a customer login portal and further software integrations? We can build just about anything you can imagine, either from scratch or by altering your existing website. From there, we would optimize your website's on-page search engine optimization (SEO), ensuring that customers can find your website on search engines like Google more easily. The keywords you choose to highlight on your website are also essential to bringing in more leads. We always conduct in-depth keyword research for all of our clients' websites, determining the best keywords to use when publishing new website and social media content.


Digital Marketing Strategy

Digital marketing comes in many forms, but the most important aspect of successful digital marketing is leveraging data. As more data is gathered, you can refine your targeting and focus on the potential customers who are most interested in your services. This requires continuous testing and optimization. You also need to decide on the best advertising platforms and creative designs, which can be rather daunting and time-consuming. Landscaping Helper can simplify this process for you, building and optimizing your advertising campaigns across various platforms. We also offer social media management services, delivering keyword-optimized posts across all of your social media platforms. This is an investment which will not have immediate results, but it will help build your brand over time. Eventually, you should expect to see free traffic coming to your website as a result. We will even create the accounts for your business (if you do not already have them), handling the entire process. 

Expansion & Growth

Landscaping Helper is not your typical marketing consultancy offering generic marketing support. We strive to support all aspects of your business, even as you grow and start to think about hiring employees / helpers. Where can I find helpers? When should I start hiring helpers? How much should I be paying them? We can help you with all of these questions, conducting in-depth research regarding hiring in your specific location. If this is a relatively new business, you might also be wondering about how to register your business. How can you ensure you'll be paying the least taxes in the long run? What's the easiest way to manage and organize all of your financial information? We offer complementary support for all of this and more (alongside any of our subscription plans). Feel free to contact us whenever, and we'll come up with a custom solution tailored specifically to your business.


Continued Business Support

We are 100% committed to helping your business succeed. When you get that satisfied feeling of finding a new customer or hiring a great employee, we do too. Our team will support your business 24/7, so please feel free to contact us with any questions or concerns whenever you need.