4 Tips to Reduce Maintenance Costs for Company Vehicles

Company vehicles are a great perk for your employees. They can save your employees a lot of money on vehicle-related expenses. Unfortunately, those expenses need to be paid by your company. It’s up to you to foot the bill to keep the cars running and in good condition. To keep the costs down, try the four following tips.

Security Practices

Good security practices are very easy to implement, but you need to emphasize them to convince your employees to comply. Your employees should never leave the car running unattended. Neither should they leave the car unlocked. Even if a thief doesn’t steal the car, they can cause significant damage to it that will be costly to repair. Another deterrent is a security dash cam. These cameras don’t need to be expensive and can help you determine the identity of your thief.

Extensive Driver Training

Your employees will naturally consider themselves to be excellent drivers. However, don’t always take their word for it. You would be surprised at the number of bad habits that many of them will have. A great way to test your employees is through simulation. This is a safe way to observe their habits and test their responses. Through simulation you can give your employees extensive training on how to handle dangerous situations that you can’t practice in real life. Simulation can even help with fuel management training. With better drivers, you’ll find that costs to repair fender benders and other accidents will drop dramatically.

Driver Monitoring

Under your watchful eye, your employees will likely make an extra effort to use proper driving practices. But when they’re on their own, how do you make sure they don’t slack off? Modern technology has made it possible to install GPS tracking systems in your vehicles. Not only will these systems allow you to track employee locations, but it will also notify you if your drivers have bad habits like speeding or breaking too hard.

Routine Maintenance

A foolish way to cut maintenance costs is to not maintain the vehicle. However, this will cost you a lot more in the long run. For example, an oil change only costs about $30-$40. Over a couple of years, you can save about $300 by not changing the oil. But your car likely won’t last that long. Dirty oil can cause serious wear to engine components and cause your engine to overheat. Over time your engine will seize up and cease to function. Clearly, it’s far cheaper to pay for an oil change than to buy a new car.

If you and your employees take care of your cars, they will take care of you. It’s your job to lead by example. If your employees see that you take things seriously, they will start to as well. By emphasizing safe driving practices, you’ll be saving more than money, you’ll be saving lives.

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