How Much Money Can You Really Make by Mowing Lawns?

Landscaping Helper Earn Money Through Mowing Lawns Start Your Own Business

Earn $90,000 Annually by Mowing Lawns

Are you a person who loves nature and outdoor activities? Are you searching for a side hustle that will simultaneously improve your community? If your answer is yes, then we know the perfect business for you!

Lawn maintenance services as a business is currently a very competitive industry, with more companies being created everyday. However, there are great hacks to help you succeed in this business regardless of competitors. All you need is to have a small investment, a good up-to-date marketing strategy, and a goal to succeed for the benefit of both community and the environment.

Lawn Mowing to be Offered as an Initial Service for Landscaping Business

Being a scalable business is one of the benefits of starting lawn maintenance or lawn care service. There is a wide range of sub-categories under lawn care services just like lawn mowing, new sod installation, gardening, tree trimming, hydroseeding, and weeding. Most business owners start with just one service – which is the easiest and most in demand service, mowing lawns. This is also because it is a stable and repetitive business wherein as long as grass grows, customers will continuously have demand for lawn mowing services. In addition, the main advantage when starting a lawn mowing business is that it only needs a small amount of starting capital. You may even start this business in your own home – at your own convenience!

Here are some options for your initial equipment list to help you get started:

Landscaping Helper Lawn Care Equipment Pricing Getting Started

When purchasing equipment, it is important to prioritize which equipment and supplies best fit your immediate needs. As you can see on the chart above, you may even start your lawn mowing business with around $100 on low-cost equipment or using your own equipment. Once you get to grow your business, you also have the option of upgrading into commercialized equipment such as commercial-grade power lawn mower, acquiring a new vehicle set-up, and even higher quality additional gear.

Quick Tip – if you only want to start with lawn mowing service as an initial service for your business, don’t forget to check local wholesale rates and even mint condition used equipment. There are a couple of websites where you can buy second hand equipment such as Equipment Trader, LetGo, and even Facebook Marketplace. Again, keep in mind that it is not impossible to expand your business and upgrade on gear and equipment in the future.

Earn At Least $360/day With Lawn Mowing

Based on the prices of various lawn mowing services in the United States, the average is at $45-60 per yard. If one house’s yard or garden can be done in just an hour, you will be earning at least $360 per day for 8 hours of service. Note that these are all dependent on type of grass, size, slope, and other landscape factors. Additional quick tip - start early in the morning to maximize the time for your clients. The more clients you can take, the more money you’ll earn! You should also plan your route ahead of time, optimizing it in any ways you can. It is also ideal to start the lawn mowing service by yourself for a lower initial labor cost. Of course, when you expand in the future, it’s best to outsource mowers by hiring helpers and employees.

Seasons and weather must always be taken into consideration in this business, especially in the northern areas of the country. Don’t fret! Snow is a beautiful thing...especially when you help others unblock their driveways and walkways. Snow plowing can be a lucrative service add-on to the landscaping business. In terms of equipment, a snow blade for the mower or snow plow attachment for the truck is going to be an additional cost. You can find a decent one for under $100 if you get a good bargain or buy a used one.

Expanding your services in this landscaping industry is a great way to generate income year-round, even during the slowest part of the year. This will help you build stronger, lasting relationships with your clients.

A Constantly Growing Competitive Industry

According to the IBIS World November 2019 Landscaping Services Industry Report in the US, the landscaping services industry has shown that most landscapers earn on average over $90,000 annually.

As mentioned earlier, this landscape industry is a highly competitive one. Barriers to entry in this industry are not that high, and that’s why it is very easy to register as sole proprietors. Nevertheless, since 2014, the industry has grown at an annualized rate of 4.6%, with 1.9% revenue growth in 2019 alone.

When it comes to pricing, conducting benchmarking research is essential for any kind of business. In that way, the market sets the initial pricing. Your clients will surely want to pay a competitive price for quality services. So, as a business owner, you must develop your company to be profitable within market pricing. You can do this by building strong customer relationships through great service and friendliness.

We aren’t saying for you to be the lowest bidder in the industry. And, we certainly aren’t suggesting you sell services at a loss to gain business. Starting the business with a price that is just right will surely be a hit especially when combined with your top quality services.

Right Pricing, Good Quality Service, and Marketing Strategy – More Income!

Did you know that you could also work your way up towards earning more than the minimum of $360 per day? Yup, you read it right. You will just need to have the right pricing, great quality services, and a well-planned marketing strategy.

If you need to get started with a strong marketing strategy, you may ask for help from marketing experts like ourselves. Especially when it comes to increasing your digital presence, these experts can help you become visible online, driving traffic to your website and getting you more customers. Nowadays, when your business has no presence on the internet, it is almost the same as your business not even existing. With specialized help taking care of that for you, you can just roll up your sleeves and immerse yourself into the world of landscaping.

Try to think about creative ideas when spreading the word about your business. Consider setting up booths at local or community events to attract leads. Interacting with your community will not just grow your number of clients, but can also increase their trust in your business. This way you can build a strong reputation and lasting brand for your company. Another method you can try is to look for referrals from existing clients. You can also look for opportunities to up-sell existing clients with additional products or services, especially when seasons are changing.

Following this advice, you can reach your annual profit target of $90,000 even faster than you might think! Time to act now, helping out your community while doing rewarding work you enjoy. It’s never too late to enter the landscaping services industry. Don’t make excuses to stop you from trying it out! You only need $100 to start your journey today.